It's important to take care of your vehicle paint!

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Taking care of your vehicle’s paint or exterior is more important than many would choose to acknowledge. It is a very known fact that by taking proper care of your car’s exterior paint you can add years to its life and to its lustre.  At Hoffman Auto Body Repair we use a combination of best practices and standard operating procedures to ensure that the complex structural mechanical, body and refinish on our customer's vehicles is of outstanding quality and meets repair industry standards.


Firstly, one of the major causes of a vehicle’s paint or exterior being damaged is due to using the wrong tools to wash your car. Start by using the proper tools to wash your car which would include a cotton or paint-safe microfiber washing mitt, a five-gallon bucket and cleaning products specifically designed for automotive use. It is best to get started out of direct sunlight to ensure the paint is cool enough before applying any cleaning product or wax.

Secondly, using a sponge before taking off dirt and other contaminants scratches your surface. Therefore spray your car with enough water before washing and use it to spray off dirt and other things that will scratch your surface.

These practices will help ensure that your auto body paint shines and lasts a long time. For more information contact us at 208.344.6214

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is a quick and easy solution to get you on the road to safe travels.

At Hoffman Auto Body, We can easily restore the clarity of your headlights and also prevent a costly fixture replacement in the future. In addition to added safety, restoration saves you money.
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