Protect your vehicles exterior this Winter

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Winterizing your car’s exterior during the cold winter weather is important and maintaining the paint is vital. This is because cold temperatures usually cause rubber seals and tires to become stiff and dry while the road salt goes on to threaten the paint. During this weather it is always advisable to keep your car inside as much as  possible and in the event that you require it for your day to day activities, consider embracing some preventative maintenance. This will enable your car weather the winter beautifully. Some of the winter car care needs include;

    •    Protective rubber dressings
    •    Innovative ice scrapers
    •    Paint sealants
    •    Weatherproof waxes

When driving in this cold Boise Idaho weather, it is important to drive safely and not rush through. This is because the roads are usually slippery and one can easily skid if acceleration or deceleration factors are not taken into account. It is also important to keep a safe distance from other cars during this time so as to avoid unnecessary accidents from happening.

In preserving the paint on your car from road salt, consider having quality wax or sealant and this is because they are capable of getting you to the end of the chilly months. With this, you will not require frequent applications especially if you have professionals at Hoffman Auto Body to do it for you. Here, you will be provided for with the best there is in terms of the sealant that will provide long-term protection.

Where your wheels and tires are concerned, an effective and protective wax will be applied that will prevent brake dust adhesion and this is because snow and ice are repelled. This keeps your wheels clean and protected for longer. Consider having your car winterized and you will have done your car a favor! For more information contact Hoffman Auto Body in Boise at 208.344.6214

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is a quick and easy solution to get you on the road to safe travels.

At Hoffman Auto Body, We can easily restore the clarity of your headlights and also prevent a costly fixture replacement in the future. In addition to added safety, restoration saves you money.
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